Cairo is the heart of Egypt and is mythically called the {Mother of the World}.
Since its rise in the 9th century, under Ibn Tulun, Egyptians have known Cairo.

Egypt is the cradle of civilization, the beacon of religion and the gateway to Africa. Cairo is the foremost capital on the African continent and lies at the center of all routes leading to and from the capitals of the three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. Egypt for over fifty centuries, engendered the development of the culture and civilization: Pharaonic, Christian and Islamic; and all during those long years, has generously contributed to Europe.

Consequently, when in Cairo - the capital of Egypt - you will be never, not even for a moment, feel a lonely traveler! In fact, you will enjoy traveling through time, from one period to another, exhilarated by the history of those who remained immortal, though their bodies were laid to rest thousands of years ago.

A center of cultural, social, intellectual, economic and political activity, Cairo also holds a diversity of world famous hotel chains, glittering night clubs, casinos and discos.
Cairo is a city that never sleeps, being the cultural and commercial center of the Arab world and the largest in Africa and the Middle East.

Cairo, the city where past and present meet, invites you to come and enjoy its beautiful all - year weather, and visit the immortal monuments and relics.



the greatest collection


of Egyptian antiquities is, without doubt, that of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The Egyptian Museum features articrafts from the pharaonic and Graeco-Roman periods, including the celebrated mummies of ancient Egypt's kings and Tut Ankh Amun treasuresPyramids





The Pyramids

Program : Cairo ( 03 Nights – 04 Days )

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-  Day 1 :   Arrival  to Cairo International Airport, meet & assist,Transfer to  the                     Hotel&Overnight stay.

-  Day 2 :     After Breakfast, transfer for sightseeing tour to visit Pyramids  &                    Sphinx, Egyptian Museum,

                  - Lunch, afternoon, back to the Hotel & Overnight stay .

-  Day 3 :    After Breakfast, transfer for sightseeing tour to visit Citadel, Mohamed                    Ali Mosque, Al.Sultan Hassan &Rifaei Mosques,

                  - Lunch, afternoon back to the Hotel & Overnight stay .

-  Day 4 :    After Breakfast, check out, transfer to Cairo International Airport for final                   departure ..

**  Our Program include the following

-   Accommodation at Hotel (5*) OR (4*)     down Town area / Cairo for 03 Nights     based on B/B .
-   Meeting Service & All Transfers .


-  (02) Full day tours in Cairo including

    Lunch .
-  All entrance fees of the above mentioned    sightseeing tours.
   Including Professional English Tour Guide    & Tour Leader .

Maya Travel ...









About Cairo


The area around present-day Cairo, especially Memphis, had long been a focal point of Ancient Egypt due to its strategic location just upstream from the Nile Delta. However, the origins of the modern city is generally traced back to a series of settlements in the first millennium. Around the turn of the 4th century as Memphis was continuing to decline in importance the Romans established a fortress town along the east bank of the Nile. This fortress, known as Babylon, remains the oldest structure in the city. It is also situated at the nucleus of the Coptic Orthodox community, which separated from the Roman and Byzantine church in the late 4th century. Many of Cairo's oldest Coptic churches, including the Hanging Church, are located along the fortress walls in a section of the city known as Coptic Cairo. In 969, the Fatimids were led by General Gawhar al-Siqilli with his Kotama army,[14] to establish a new capital for the Fatimid dynasty. Egypt was conquered from their base in Ifriqiya and a new fortified city northeast of Fustat was established. It took four years for Gawhar to build the city, initially known as al-Manṣūriyyah, which was to serve as the new capital of the caliphate. During that time, Jawhar also commissioned the construction of al-Azhar Mosque.

Nightlife ;

Cairo was ranked as the "world's Night_Lifemost 24-hour city in a 2011 study conducted by the social networking site Badoo, placing it well ahead of other famous big cities such as New York, London or Paris. The study's rankings were determined by measuring the amount of online activity at night versus during the day and by comparing peak-times for such activity in cities across the world. which remain very active at night as social gathering places to smoke shisha, and even to the late-night public activeness of families with children

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